“In my experience, ACCUSCULPT is the best tool available for the treatment of bra line areas.”

James Carraway, MD, USA



"ACCULIFT redefines ‘minimally invasive’. With the ACCULIFT procedure I can deliver facial contouring improvements not previously possible with any other method. ACCULIFT also improves facelift results and enables more precise and effective augmentation with injectable fillers.”

David Holcomb, MD, USA



“ACCUSCULPT is a refined tool to manipulate the skin and the underlying fat to achieve an artistic result”

John Stratis, MD, USA



"I have integrated the ACCULIFT 1444 nm laser into my multi-modality facial rejuvenation procedure. I have found that I can safely and consistently sculpt the jowls and eliminate the marionette and peri-oral lines while volumetrically restoring the mid-face and neck..."

Jerry O’Daniel, MD, USA



“Before the Acculift was introduced, the only option for facial contouring was an open face and neck lift. Many patients feel that a traditional lift with incision in frond and behind the ear is too drastic a procedure for them, as it entails long recovery times and can occasionally yield unnatural results. By combining Acculift - which sculpts, contours the lower face and neck – with long-lasting facial fillers in the mid-face, can be achieved in many patients without a single incision.”

Jon Turk, MD, USA



“AccuLift, an innovative new paradigm shift which will rewrite the history of facial sculpturing.”

Daniel Rousso, MD, USA



"AccuSculpt by far and away is the best that I have used in terms of actual power and final results. By no means is this a gimmick machine."

Nathan Miller, MD, USA



"I use Accusculpt daily. I prefer this method because it is very simple, the results are good. I use it for patients who don’t want a big operation scar or downtime."

Adam Gumkowski, MD, Poland


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