Gold Toning (595 nm QS)

"Before, we had no solution to lighten post-acne erythema after acne treatment. Now Gold Toning is new solution available in my clinic. Patients visit me again for this treatment. Thanks to Lutronic."

Dr. SI Chun, Korea



RuVY Touch (660 nm QS)

"I like very much to use the 660 nm because bleeding around the lentigo does not occur and so the side-effects/unappealing skin harm is much reduced. Especially on hands, where you cannot use make-up to cover up and where the healing process takes up to three weeks, it makes a big difference to the customer/patient who is then willing to go for the treatment."

Dr. Bettina Rümmelein, (Switzerland)



"This new wavelength 660 nm is definitely safer than 532 nm which easily makes PIH even if appropriately treated."

Dr. SI Chun, Korea



"The skin reaction after 660 nm is much milder than those after 532 nm, with lesser chance to make petechiae by mistake. It is especially useful for light-colored freckles or other epidermal pigmented lesions. This will be useful treatment option."

Dr. UC Yeo, Korea



"After accepting this new 660 nm in my practice, I nowadays do not worry much about PIH that might occur after laser treatment for epidermal pigmented lesions. Particularly, I still do not worry about PIH even if I do overlapping unintentionally."

Dr. SB Cho, Korea



Q-PTP Toning (1064 Q-PTP)

"The Q-PTP mode can be useful alternative option especially for thin and dry skins and patients who complain pain during laser toning treatment."

Dr. SB Cho, Korea



General Comments

"In general, this new SPECTRA XT product is an excellent product because its 1064 nm and 532 nm are good already; plus it has additional meaningful new 595 nm and 660 nm; and even can be used with fractional handpieces as well."

Dr. UC Yeo, Korea



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